Sailing and Watersports

Torbay is full of watersports and is the perfect holiday destination for trying these for the first time. 10 minutes from Torquay harbour and Marina,Rowell House Holiday Home provides the ideal accommodation for these activities. You can experience sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and speed boat rides. Sailing in Torquay Harbour with the Sailing School and along the waterfront many different things to try such as speed boats:

Torquay Fossil Collecting

Many people are familiar with the Jurassic Coast and head to Lyme Regis and surrounding area to collect fossils. However, for those staying at Rowell House, there are opportunities to find fossils closer to hand.

Torquay is rich in Devonian corals. If you are lucky, you can find superb corals that standout from the rocks. Fossils can be found both in the limestones and the calcareous mudstone within sandy deposits. During the Devonian, there were abundant colonies of corals, which is why fossils can often be found together in groups.

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There are lots of great diving locations near Rowell House either off-shore or on trips.

Divers Down in nearby Babbacombe has a full calendar of courses and dives. Go to the link below to see what's on