Torquay Fossil Collecting

Many people are familiar with the Jurassic Coast and head to Lyme Regis and surrounding area to collect fossils. However, for those staying at Rowell House, there are opportunities to find fossils closer to hand.

Torquay is rich in Devonian corals. If you are lucky, you can find superb corals that standout from the rocks. Fossils can be found both in the limestones and the calcareous mudstone within sandy deposits. During the Devonian, there were abundant colonies of corals, which is why fossils can often be found together in groups.

The best place to look is in the scree slopes, as it is much easier to collect from these. Note that this site is an SSSI, so no hammering on the bedrock or cliffs is allowed. However, you may collect from any lose material.

The other very good place to look is on the rocks from the foreshore. These contain corals that can be knocked out using a hammer, chisel and safety goggles. In addition, it is easier to see the corals in the wet rocks. There are plenty to be found, but it can take time to get used to the shape, pattern and colour if you are not used to collecting corals from the Devonian.

Only 5 minutes from Rowell House is the Daddy Hole area. Daddy Hole used to be a quarry, which has now been cut foreshortened by the sea. However, there are also ledges on the beach containing corals, which can also be found in the scree slopes and the old quarry itself. Note that this site is an SSSI, so no hammering on the bedrock or cliffs is allowed.

Be aware that the cliffs in the Daddy Hole Quarry area are steep and potentially dangerous especially when approaching from the top. It is safer to walk around from Meadfoot Beach, but care should still be taken

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